1. What are the possible applications for OncoCilAir™?
  2. The OncoCilAir™ model has multiple applications such as:
    • Efficacy study of novel chemotherapies (small molecules; antibodies, etc…)
    • Acute and chronic toxicity assessment
    • Drug delivery studies (airway/systemic)
    • Inflammatory reactions
    • Muco-ciliary clearance
    • Ion channels activity
    • Mucin secretion
    • Bioaccumulation
    • Trans-epithelial transport
    • Histology
    • Proteomics / Transcriptomics
  3. What are the advantages of the OncoCilAir™ model?
    • A human microenvironment (healthy airway + tumour + fibroblasts)
    • Mimics the in vivo tissue (air-liquid interface, mucus, ciliated cells)
    • Three months shelf-life
    • Easy and ready to use
    • Ethically beneficial by limiting animal experimentation
  4. How do you guarantee the quality of your products? Before shipment our products go through a strict quality control process.
  5. We use the following measures to determine whether the product meets our standards:
    • Cilia Beating Monitoring
    • Sealing of the epithelium (checking of the Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance)
    • Presence of mucus
    • Morphology
    • Tested negative for HIV-1, mycoplasma, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, bacteria, yeast and fungi
  6. I would like to run tests with OncoCilAir™ but I am not sure of the best strategy to adopt?
  7. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your issue (). We can also provide you with protocols designed by OncoTheis. Alternatively, if you would like to benefit from our expertise on OncoCilAir™, we can conduct the tests in our laboratories as a contract research organization.
  8. Do you offer free test samples for new customers?
  9. Yes.
  10. Where can you deliver your products?
  11. From our production site, our products are shipped worldwide (Europe-US-Pacific).
  12. How are OncoCilAir™ packaged and delivered?
  13. OncoCilAir™ is reconstituted and sold in a 6.5mm diameter inserts on a microporous filter (diameter = 6.5 mm, porosity = 0.4 μm, Ref : Costar 3470 from Corning). For shipment we place the epithelia in a nutritive gel in a temperature regulated container. They tolerate up to 4 days in these conditions.
  14. Is there a specific medium needed in order to maintain OncoCilAir™ in culture?
  15. OncoTheis has developed an ideal medium for maintaining OncoCilAir™ in culture: OncoCilAir™ Culture Medium. This medium is chemically defined, serum free, and ready to use. The average need per insert for one month of culture is estimated to be 8.5 mL. Culture medium needs to be replaced twice a week. The volume per well is 700μL. Our culture medium is available in 125mL and 500mL bottles. Validity period of the media: If bottles are kept at +4°C in the dark we guarantee the quality of the media for 6 months after reception or 3 months after opening, whichever happens first.