A unique platform to test Oncolytic Viruses against Lung Cancer

Oncolytic virotherapy is an innovative treatment modality which uses replication competent viruses to destroy cancers. A number of oncolytic strategies are rapidly advancing toward clinical use with the requirement to test specificity and safety.

Due to its dual composition (healthy and cancerous human tissues) OncoCilAir™ is an ideal in vitro model for the concurrent testing of the efficacy and the specificity of oncolytic viruses against malignant cells and their non-toxicity against healthy tissues, all in a single culture well.


Typical hyperspectral image of a 3D OncoCilAir™ airway microtissue (blue) with tumor nodules (red) after viral infection (green). Coll. V.Kilin and L.Bonacina, Biophotonics lab, UNIGE.

Mode of Inoculation

Thanks to the unique lifespan of OncoCilAir™ (months), single but also repeated administrations of modified viruses can be performed to simulate chronic treatment in patients.


Assessment of Combined Therapies

OncoCilAir™ allows testing oncolytic therapies in combination with standard chemotherapeutics to detect synergistic improvement of tumor control over monotherapy.


Typical OncoCilAir™ endpoints can be measured throughout the treatment:

In addition, standard protein (immunostaining, western blot) and gene (qPCR, arrays) expression analyses, as well as pathway interference through genetic modifications can be applied to investigate mechanisms of action.

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About OncoCilAir™

OncoCilAir™ is a human microtissue-based 3D lung cancer model which incorporates both a functional airway epithelium and developing tumors.

OncoCilAir™ is cultured at the air-liquid interface on PET Transwell® 0.4 µm inserts and can be kept in culture for several months, allowing the concurrent testing of drug efficacy, side-toxicity and tumor recurrence.
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