Evaluation of acute, long term, or repeated drug treatment toxicity using OncoCilAir™

Accurate evaluation of the potential side-toxicity of a new treatment is a critical step in drug development. OncoCilAir™ allows for translational testing of drug toxicity directly in human tissue.

Because of its dual component, a healthy airway epithelium combined with tumour nodules, OncoCilair™ is ideal to test simultaneously the effectiveness and THE TOXICITY of anticancer drugs.

OncoCilAir™: a functional lung cancer model cultured at the air-liquid interface.

Apical or basolateral exposures studies can be run to mimic airborne or systemic delivery respectively. For apical exposure, compounds can be applied by nebulisation, using the Vitrocell-Cloud, a system specially designed for dose-controlled and spatially uniform deposition of liquid aerosols on cells cultured at the air-liquid interface.

Vitrocell-Cloud-exposure-system-and-principle ™

Vitrocell-Cloud exposure system and principle

Endpoints commonly used for toxicity evaluation

evaluation-anticancer-drugs-toxicity ™
Evaluation of anticancer drugs toxicity on OncoCilAir airway epithelium integrity by Trans-Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) monitoring during 20 days (• Control, ■ docetaxel, ∆ selumetinib,▼trametinib).

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