Drug’s Efficacy Study using OncoCilAir™

Accessible human in vitro 3D tissue models are required to improve preclinical predictivity. OncoCilAir™ is a new in vitro model of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer which combines a reconstituted human airway epithelium, lung human fibroblasts and lung adenocarcinoma cell lines, recapitulating the in vivo progression of the disease.

Based on these unique properties, OncoCilAir™ allows for translational testing of drug efficacy directly in human tissue.

Compounds Exposure

Apical or basolateral exposure studies can be run to mimic airborne or systemic delivery respectively. OncoCilAir™ has a unique lifespan of 3 months consistent with acute, long term, or repeated drug treatment.

Tumour growth monitoring

As primary endpoint, changes in tumour size are monitored by fluorescence measurements.

Growth kinetics parameters of tumour nodules are determined by high content image analysis.


Tumor growth in OncoCilAir™ cultures mutated for KRAS is impaired by MEK (trametinib) but not EGFR-TK (erlotinib) inhibitors.

Response of multiple anticancers molecules can therefore be evaluated and compared in vitro, directly in human tissues. Other proliferation markers, like Ki-67 can also be quantified by immunostaining.

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