Epithelix is a biotech company dedicated to providing alternative in vitro solutions to animal experimentation for evaluating the effects of drugs in development and assess the toxicity of chemical compounds on the human respiratory tract.


Ligue suisse contre la vivisection
The goal of "La ligue suisse contre la vivisection" is to fight against, with all the possible legal means, the practice of vivisection such as the use of animals for medical, scientific, military, industrial or commercial purposes, until the total abolition of such practices. It recognizes and helps, financially, the creation and development of the alternative methods to animal tests.


In order to limit the vivisection, Mr Egon Naef foundation helps researchers and scientists to develop alternative experimental methods to animal testing. Naef Foundation also encourages all the researchers to use these alternative methods, especially the in vitro methods, within the framework of their research. Naef Foundation gives a prize each year to a scientist who has made significant contributions to the development of the alternative methods.


Pro Anima
Pro Anima is an apolitical and independent scientific board dedicated to develop human biomedical research by promoting alternatives to animal experimentation. Pro Anima has been active for more than 25 years using all the possible tools to raise awareness about animal testing and existing alternatives: social networks, stands, poster campaigns petitions, medias, among other initiatives.