Founding team

Samuel Constant

Dr. Samuel Constant, founder, CEO
Samuel is a synthetic organic chemist with expertise in in vitro test development. He is in charge of the management, business development and partnership of OncoTheis.

Samuel Constant
Christophe Mas

Dr. Christophe Mas, founder, CSO
Christophe Mas is a developmental biologist with 15 years of research experience. He has expertise in cancer biology and leads the research of OncoTheis.

Christophe Mas
Song Huang

Dr. Song Huang, founder
Song is a molecular and cellular biologist with 20 years of research experience. He has expertise in signal transduction, gene regulation and genetic diseases.

Ludovic Wiszniewski

Dr. Ludovic Wiszniewski, founder
Ludovic is an expert in cell biology with 15 years of experience in reconstituting human in vitro tissues.